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Fry Reglet

GSC/Ryan/ASI & Fry Reglet – Working Together to Treat You Right

As fellow GMS companies, Gypsum Supply Company (GSC), Ryan Building Materials (Ryan), and ASI Building Products (ASI) are authorized dealers of Fry Reglet bead and trim products, through our construction yards across the Great Lakes region in Michigan and northwest Ohio.

The Fry Reglet Difference

For more than 70 years, Fry Reglet has been a trusted source for metal fabrications and component systems. This family-owned company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with several additional production facilities in Atlanta, GA.

Fry Reglet has three core focuses that have earned the company its trusted reputation: engineering, sustainability, and customization. All Fry Reglet products are produced in a controlled factory environment to ensure consistently high quality and a precise fit. Passionate about the environment, the company uses one of the most recycled products — aluminum — as its core material. Sourcing all products from locations within the U.S., Fry Reglet can help make your one-of-a-kind architectural products become a reality.

Partner with GSC, Ryan, and ASI for All Your Joint Treatment and Finishing Needs

Gypsum Supply, Inc., Ryan Building Materials, and ASI Building Products carry a wide variety of quality joint treatment products, including:

  • Ready mix compounds
  • Setting compounds
  • Textures
  • Tapes
  • Veneer plaster boards
  • Veneer basecoat plasters
  • Veneer finish plasters
  • Conventional basecoat plasters
  • Finish plasters
  • Plaster additives
  • Cement board underlayment

Buy Fry Reglet Bead and Trim from GSC, Ryan, or ASI

Gypsum Supply, Inc., Ryan Building Materials, and ASI Building Products carry a wide variety of quality bead and trim products from Fry Reglet, including:

  • Clear anodized vented soffit molding
  • Clear anodized glazing ceiling track
  • Clear anodized drywall "L" trim molding
  • Clear anodized drywall reveal molding (“Z” and “F”)
  • Clear anodized beveled corner
  • Chemical film drywall reveal molding (“Z” and “F”)
  • Chemical film drywall molding "L" trim molding
  • Chemical film 4-way DRM intersection

Fry Reglet News and Product Updates

Stay up to date with all the latest product releases, improvements, and advancements from Fry Reglet.